Inn Cluded | A compilation to benefit Inn from the Cold Kelowna

by TribeHouse Collective

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A compilation of music donated by the artists involved to benefit the Inn From the Cold shelter in Kelowna.
All money raised from sales benefits the Shelter.
All rights are reserved, all music and publishing remain the rights of the writers and original publishers.

Tribehouse is a Christian based Collective of Artists who have a heart to impact community social justice issues through the Arts.


released September 28, 2013

Compiled by Tribehouse to benefit Inn from the Cold - Kelowna.



all rights reserved


TribeHouse Collective

An artist collective interested in creating a culture of collaboration and conversation about the mystery of faith, arts, and justice.

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Track Name: Nico Boesten - What Matters
When my father died
Something inside
Felt like a piece of me was torn out

I just can't seem to find it again
Aching for the affirmation
But there's silence and I'm left here without

I'm filled with emotion
I'm filled with the notion
That what matters -- remains

I had a crazy dream
There in front of me
Just the way I remember him -- my old man

Bright blue eyes staring right through
Everything I tried to hide he knew
(he said) "Son, don't hide your face in your hands"

Now that you know what you know
So much has been taken
How am I supposed to carry on
Track Name: Joyful Door - Less of me More of You
I'm a wave of the sea
Tossed by the wind
Double-minded unstable
less of me, more of you

less of me, more of you
less of me more of you

More of you
my Lord.
Track Name: Ryan Dumas (Featuring Josh Dobson) - InnCluded
The struggle of society is it cannot exclude, separate, judge, label or categorize it self against the poor the marginalized, the sick, the lost, the broken, the addicted, the homeless, the indifferent or the youth of today.

Why you may ask? Because were all apart of the web of life and all come from the same thread woven together beautifully, meticulously, with purpose and passion by our loving Creator.

When a fly lands in a web the vibration is felt through the whole web. Similarly when a person falls victim to life’s unforeseen circumstances the vibration is felt through the community. You see there is no escaping the vibration of pain, which we all face day by day. Our choice is in how we view our circumstance. We can say, “why me?” or we can say, “what GOD?” What I mean to ask is “What GOD do you have for me, and/or “What is it you want me to do?”

So today, right now, in this very moment, there remains one universal Truth that binds us, We are all Included in this gift called life. When ever you see a fellow brother or sister trapped in life’s web, don’t judge just have the courage to take time out of your day lend an ear a shoulder, a lift, a buck, a hug, a prayer or a comforting word, because you will make a difference.

A principle I try to live by is, Treat each other as we wish to be treated with great sacrificial love, forgiveness, patience, kindness, goodness and gentleness for theses are gifts we can all give freely. Imagine a world where we all served one another instead of our own selfish needs.